What exactly do you license?

We license original programming (18 unique television series) as well as original short-form videos, plus raw fashion footage that we have been capturing since 1976. 

Can I license raw, unedited footage?

Absolutely! We have been shooting non-stop since 1976, and our video library contains over 18,000 hours of footage - including exclusive footage available nowhere else in the world. Click here to request access to our library of footage and use it in enrich your content! 

Do you make short-form content that I can license?

We have been creating short-form content since the beginning, and now have thousands of hours of video segments available for licensing. If you are looking to populate your channel, website or blog with short-form fashion content dating anywhere from 1976 to today, we've got you covered! Click here for more. 

What designers do you cover?

We've covered every designer from Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, and Givenchy, to Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Christian Siriano. Since 1976, we've been shooting the biggest names in fashion on both sides of the Atlantic! Our designer coverage includes ready-to-wear, haute couture, Miami swimwear, bridal, menswear, accessories and footwear designers, and more!

How will I be able to search your library?

We've partnered with GrayMeta to make our library of footage and content easily searchable to third parties. GrayMeta's state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology analyzes all of our content and generates accurate, precise and comprehensive metadata. Thanks to GrayMeta, anyone can search our content by keywords or tags — whether you're looking for a specific model or designer, sound bites on a specific topic, or shots of particular items. Think "Google Search" for the Videofashion Library — accessing, searching, and taking advantage of our footage infinitely easier! Click here to request access to the platform today.

Do you really have the world's largest library of fashion footage?

Yes we do! As the first company to shoot video of runway shows back in 1976, we have footage available nowhere else in the world. Spanning five decades, we've covered everything from fashion shows, to backstage beauty, special events, red carpets, studio visits, and much more. Plus, we have thousands of interviews with designers, models, celebrities, hairstylists, makeup artists, editors, journalists, and other industry insiders! Click here to request access to the library and search for what you need. We have it! 

Tons of people shoot fashion shows. What makes your library special?

We are the only fashion video library to be entirely privately owned. That means no royalties due, no restrictions, and no third parties involved in any licensing sales  — you deal with us, and us alone! Plus, as the first company to shoot video of runway shows back in 1976, we have content available nowhere else in the world. 

Do you sell DVDs?

Every fashion season, we offer a DVD box set of our latest content. The DVD set is perfect for business owners who want to display high-quality fashion video in their business locations — be it a beauty salon, retail store, or other business. Click here for more. 

Can you shoot our fashion show, collection or event?

Our in-house camera team is available for house shoots. We shoot everything in ultra high-definition 4K video, for a crystal clear image. Contact us today with more information about what sort of coverage you are looking for, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! 
If you would like to suggest an event for us to cover, you can also contact us.


I saw a cool video on your YouTube or Instagram. Can I license that?

Absolutely! Many of the videos we post online make use of the footage in our library, so the footage used is available for licensing. The videos themselves may also be licensed. Just contact us if you have a specific request!
Remember that what you see online is only a small part of what the Videofashion Library has to offer. Get in touch with us today to find out if we have what you're looking for!

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